Rainbow lights hanging from above on a sidewalk

Georgetown GLOW Will Light Up the Streets This Spring

I really missed Georgetown GLOW, the annual end-of-year art walk display in Georgetown. Georgetown GLOW is a big part of my holiday celebrations even though most of the art displays are not holiday-themed. Instead, the art highlights a unique perspective on life which is always nice to reflect on at the end of the year. 

But with COVID concerns, Georgetown GLOW decided to hold off last December. As the city comes back to life, the artwork will now light up Georgetown this spring from April 9 to June 27, 2021. It is not the normal end-of-year light walk we are all used to but it seems like an especially fitting time to enjoy artwork that makes us appreciate life. 

The displays can be seen all day but will be especially bright after dark. Guests will find works from DC artists including Stephanie Mercedes, Chris Combs, David Greenfieldboyce, and Nara Park. Edwin Baruch (New York City) and Curated Creative (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) will also be featured.

“We’re thrilled to bring a new season of light to Georgetown with a safer and more comfortable GLOW experience this Spring – and one that shines a spotlight on several local artists. The last year has taught us to rediscover and appreciate the people, places and experiences in our own backyard. GLOW celebrates each of those.”

Nancy Miyahira, Vice President and Marketing Director for the Georgetown BID.uthor Name

Because Georgetown GLOW has always been designed to encourage guests to walk to different points around the neighborhood, it is perfect for social distancing. Masks required. 

While you can enjoy the exhibits at your own pace, there are a number of tours available. Join DC Foot Tours for a walking tour (limited to 6-9 people) on Saturday nights for a guided of the exhibits. Groups are limited so make a reservation. Tours are name your own price and also available as private tours. Night photo tours are also available on select dates through May 14 for $79. Learn how to take low-light photos like a pro!  GeorgetownGLOWDC.com will have all the details on all tours, parking info, maps, and general updates. 

Exhibits to See at Georgetown GLOW

The Weight of A Rainbow, Stephanie Mercedes, Washington, DC: This suspended rainbow of lights can be found in the Georgetown Park Plaza alleyway. As guests approach the artwork, they’ll hear an a capella choir of eight LGBTQ+ voices telling their stories through accompanied song. The lights are programmed to mimic the movement of the voices.

Rainbow lights hanging from above on a sidewalk
The Weight of a Rainbow – photo provided by Georgetown GLOW

Madness Method, Chris Combs and David Greenfieldboyce, Washington, DC:  It’s hard to remember that even just 15 years ago, we didn’t have near-instant access to the world’s knowledge in our pockets. Technology continues to quietly shape our world. In the installation Madness Method, the artists have built a special arrangement of 200 lanterns that look like an intriguing, flickering mess. But if you step on just the right spot along the canal, you will see it all converge like magic.

Madness Method – photo provided by Georgetown GLOW

The Beginning of Everything, Nara Park, Washington, DC: The Beginning of Everything is inspired by the Holsinger Meteorite that fell from outer space. The replica sculpture is fabricated out of EPS foam and covered on the surface with reflective glass beads. A meteorite is a tangible connection between the cosmos and human society. This is a reminder that we are part of a much larger universe.

Glowing meteor sculpture
The Beginning of Everything – photo provided by Georgetown GLOW

Can’t get enough of Georgetown GLOW? The art will be back for summer with Summer GLOW. This event will feature three artworks that will transform Georgetown’s public alleys from July 2 to September 26, 2021. Keep up with Georgetown on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @officalgeorgetowndc. Tag your GLOW photos with #GeorgetownGLOW.

At a Glance

Good for art lovers
Spring: April 9 to June 27; Summer July 2 to September 26
Starts at Washington Harbor (3000 K Street NW)
Capital Bikeshare nearby

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