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This blog started in 2013 as my personal need for a writing outlet and to explore as much as possible on a limited budget. I graduated from James Madison University in 2011 with a marketing degree and an acute awareness that despite an enormous amount of privilege, the career ladder climb would not be easy.

It only took 8 months for me to find a salaried position which at the time, felt like an eternity. I spent 2.5 years at a small business and left with mentors and a best friend who I still hold close to this day. But I wanted more. I wanted to write and I wanted to see the world.

So I Started this blog.

It was before Instagram, before travel influencers as we know them today, and before a robust content strategy was something Fortune 500 companies bragged about.

With a limited travel budget and a love for cities, I decided this blog would focus on local tourism. The recession meant a lot of people had limited dollars for luxury, jet setting trips across continents but I knew there was plenty to appreciate right at home. Washington, DC is so much more than what meets the eye and I knew I could showcase that. There are day trips to organize filled with famous sites, stunning works of art, and unforgettable food. Most importantly, there were people to meet and businesses to support. The recession wasn’t going to stop me from seeing as much of the world as I could even if it wasn’t that far away.

The economy eventually recovered.

In 2014, this early passion for both travel and good content landed me a job at Marriott International in Bethesda. I was so humbled to be there after a time of so much uncertainty. I played a big role in the company’s SEO and content strategy. This included assisting with the launch of Marriott Traveler, the hospitality industry’s first global travel blog.

Over the next 5 years, the economy was booming, people were spending their money on travel and experiences. Digital content was inspiring those things in ways I could have never imagined in 2013. My 9 to 5 at Marriott brought me to beautiful places around the world and this blog helped me support extraordinary people across the city.

Today, my 9 to 5 is in nonprofit where I am still honing my skills in marketing and content strategy. I continue to work with travel and my work can be seen in Spotted by Locals and Travel Inspired.

Unique Travel Experiences are What you Make them.

In what felt like an instant, travel recently screeched to a halt. Frankly, most people aren’t traveling anywhere and it is uncertain when we will again. But like the years that followed 2008, it will likely bring us closer to our neighbors. The internet opens a window to the world that we didn’t really have a decade ago even though it’s hard to think it may take a little longer to check off bucket list destinations that are a plane ride away. I am sad too. But there is still so much to see. 

In the years since starting this blog, I am a firm believer that seeing people in their home towns are what helps us understand each other. I am so excited for the day we are all visiting each other again. But at the same time, I am back to the reason I started this blog. Today, the focus is on supporting our neighbors, our favorite local businesses, and everything that makes Washington, DC wonderful. Now, more than ever, I will do my best to stay true to this mission.

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