Georgetown Glow Lights Up the Neighborhood

Georgetown Glow Lights Up the Neighborhood

Georgetown Glow is arguably one of the most underrated holiday light displays in Washington, DC. For starters, none of the light displays are holiday-themed. However, many of the pieces invoke feelings of friendship, joy, and warmth. So you still leave feeling that holiday cheer. The lights are also spread out all over the neighborhood and not just concentrated near the waterfront. This means visitors can explore the streets of Georgetown including holiday window displays and restaurants.

A few of our favorite displays are below.

From left to right: 

Bands of Friendship, Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar in collaboration with Light Art Collection and Amsterdam Light Festival, India. – The rings in this piece are designed so that you can look at them from multiple angles and see something different. I have experienced a lot growth in my professional and personal relationships this year so this perspective on friendship really struck me. Sometimes the bands are close together and sometimes far apart. Sometimes the bands have even space and sometimes space varies. But all perspectives can be beautiful and special.

Horizontal Interference, Joachim Slugocki and Katarzyna Malejka, Poland. – This piece uses chords to connect trees and posts in a simple way. To me, it illustrated how simple it can be to bring things (and people!) together. It serves as a beautiful illumination to combat a cold, winter night with a little love.

Open Lounge, Géraud Périole in collaboration with Light Art Collection and Amsterdam Light Festival, Bordeaux, France. – Cady’s Alley already feels like a lounge because it is home to District Doughnuts, one of my favorite places to relax with a sweet snack. The chandeliers give the alley a cozy, evening feel which is different from the usual bright, daylight experience I have while eating doughnuts. It was the perfect spot for this piece of art.

While not part of Georgetown Glow, the Kennedy Center is all dressed up too!

Georgetown Glow will be lit nightly from 5 pm to 10 pm until January 7.  Keep this holiday outing on budget with inexpensive options a few streets away from the waterfront like tacos from El Centro or pizza from &pizza.

At a Glance

  • Holiday lights walk
  • Free
  • Starts at Washington Harbor (3000 K Street NW)
  • Capital Bikeshare nearby
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