The Escape Game Opens New Location Downtown ​

Looking for a new adventure in Downtown DC? The Escape Game opened a second location in Washington, DC filled with new rooms to explore. We were recently invited to try to escape The Heist and take a peek at the new rooms this location offers.

The Heist, a museum-themed room, invites guests to try to recover a stolen piece of art. Guests have 1 hour to recover the art hidden in the office of the museum’s curator, Vincent Hahn, before he returns! The Heist is not specifically DC-themed but I loved the idea of exploring a museum near so many real museums in the city.

When we first entered the room, it felt a little small. But don’t be fooled! Without giving too much away, there is plenty of space to discover as the mystery unfolds. The room also featured a lot of interactive tasks and moving parts that I hadn’t experienced at other escape rooms. The extra surprises made it especially satisfying to solve each clue. It came down to the final minutes, and using all of the clues from our room guide, we managed to escape!

While we only had the chance to explore The Heist, all of the rooms looked interesting and engaging. You can watch intro videos and explore 3D models of the rooms on the site to help you choose. Prison Break, one of the hardest rooms, starts players in 2 different prison cells and requires extra effort to coordinate your escape with your group. The Depths, an underwater laboratory, features many extra details to create an ocean feel. Overall, the attention to detail and extra effort put into how the mystery unfolds sets The Escape Game apart from other options.

All of the rooms are 60-minute adventures, fit up to 8 players, and are ranking above a 7/10 difficulty. I would recommend at least a group of 4. This is a great activity for a date night, group of friends, or team building.  $34.99/person regardless of group size. You can also find The Escape Game in Georgetown and other major cities across the US, including New York City, Chicago, Nashville, and more.

At a Glance

  • Date night, friends, team building
  • $34.00/person
  • 950 F Street NW, Suite 106
  • Closest Metro:
    Metro Center (red, orange, blue, silver)
    Chinatown (green, yellow, red)
    Archives (yellow, green)