Smoke and Barrel: DC BBQ, Beer, and Bourbon

I am often the chooser of the happy hour location among my group of friends. We generally like to try new spots each time we get together but a few places have made it to the regular rotation of tried and true favorites. On evenings that call for delicious barbecue, all I have to do is a send a quick text that reads: “BBQ?” and my friends know I’m suggesting Smoke and Barrel in Adams Morgan. 

Smoke and Barrel is the kind of restaurant that works in every season. In the warmer weather, the large garage door style windows in the front are open.  This allows for drink sipping while enjoying superior people watching in the eclectic Adams Morgan.  I have spent several Sunday afternoons in this window.  In the colder weather, the dark wood and furnishings of this whisky bar provide a cozy environment. 

The whiskey and beer menu is very extensive but the waiters and bartenders are both knowledgeable and seem genuinely interested in telling you about the selection. If you feel overwhelmed by the selection, ask them for a recommendation! As far as the food goes, the jalapeno cheddar grits have stolen my heart. I don’t even like jalapenos but this dish is amazing. Sometimes if I’m just sitting at the bar to enjoy a drink, I will order the grits as a dish by itself.

For dinner, my go-to order is a BBQ Plate which comes with a meat and a side (obviously, the jalapeno cheddar grits). For meat, my favorites are chicken, brisket, and ribs depending on how I feel that day. You can order your meat with the choice of a couple of barbecue sauces, but I like to order my meat dry.  There are sauces on the table I like to add myself.  If it’s your first time, go for one of the samplers so you can try an assortment of brisket, pork, sausage, chicken, and ribs. Samplers come in sizes to serve 1, 2, or 4 people.

You can find Smoke and Barrel at the top of Adams Morgan – about a 15 minute walk from the Woodley Park metro stop. If it’s a cold day, bundle up for the walk across the bridge that separates Woodley Park and Adams Morgan. 

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Dr. Charles Magnus
Dr. Charles Magnus
4 years ago

One of my favorite places!