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Healthy Fresh Meals: Local, Fully Prepped Dinner Delivered to Your Door

Healthy Fresh Meals: Local, Fully Prepped Dinner Delivered to Your Door

2020 was a long year of cooking and take-out. On one hand, I loved ordering take-out at least once a week to try to support local businesses. Plus, my husband and I made an effort to learn some new recipes while at home. But on the other hand, sometimes cooking felt exhausting. There had to be a way to combine supporting local but still eating healthy.

Enter Healthy Fresh Meals.

Healthy Fresh Meals is a meal delivery service headquartered in Hyattsville, MD that brings convenience plus big flavor to your weekly meal prep. It’s the perfect way to add a meal delivery service to your routine while still supporting a local business. Currently, Healthy Fresh Meals only delivers to select locations in the DMV plus Richmond.

In addition to being a great option for prepared food delivery, Healthy Fresh Meals has a big focus on giving back. Customers can donate a meal for $10 and then Food Rescue matches the company with a charity in need. They also work with RVA Community Fridges to support the local community in Richmond.

We created Healthy Fresh Meals to make eating healthy something that was convenient and easy for people since today everyone is so short on time and overbooked. From new moms, professional athletes, students, to those short on time and needing to lose weight, we have a meal for you! We wanted eating healthy to be as simple as possible so we can impact our community and make people’s lives even better.

Healthy Fresh Meals

What’s on the Menu?

Healthy Fresh Meals offers a pretty extensive menu that changes weekly. They have vegetarian, vegan, low carb, Whole 30, and high protein options. Plus, you can also add breakfast and snack options like egg dishes and protein-packed pancakes, muffins, and donuts. (Full disclosure, we got to try 6 Healthy Fresh Meals at no cost.)

First things, first. These meals heat up really well. One of the biggest issues I’ve faced, especially during COVID-19, is the quality of some take-out or quick meals after they’ve been reheated. So when someone gets it’s right, I really appreciate it. You can pop these trays right in the microwave and they are ready in 3 minutes.

I tried a variety of meals but my favorites were Chicken Shawarma, Miso Salmon, and Parmesan Crusted Tilapia. One thing I really appreciated was the side sauce or toppings (like lettuce for the tacos) were easy to remove. It was really easy to remove anything I didn’t want to put in the microwave without digging through the dish.

Since each meal came with big taste and warmed up well, I’d recommend choosing whatever looks good to you on the menu. If it looks like something you’d make yourself or order in a restaurant, you are likely going to enjoy the Healthy Fresh Meal version. Build your dream menu with anything that fits your diet and taste preferences.

Each meal also comes with a full nutrition list including calories, carbs, protein, fat, sodium, ingredients list, and even a code to scan for MyFitnessPal. These meals make it easy to stick to whatever eating plan works for you and look out for any allergens.

Most of the meals are single-serve so it is easy to order for 1-2 people. However, Healthy Fresh Meals also offers family-style meals for 4 people and specials for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

How Much Is Healthy Fresh Meals?

Meals range from about $11 to $15 for a serving including protein, carb, and vegetables. This feels a little expensive compared to some other meal kit options but the cost is comparable to a take-out order. Plus, all the work is done for you. No chopping, no cooking, no plating. Just pop it in the microwave for about 3 minutes and you are good to go!

There’s also no subscription or minimum spend requirements. You don’t have to remember to cancel and you can order meals for just 1 or 2 nights a week. You can also stock up on breakfast options and snacks for the week.

Delivery is a flat fee of $10 for home delivery or $5 for office delivery. Using a pickup location is free or convince 5 of your co-workers to order with you for free office delivery!

Okay, Let’s Try! How Do I Order?

Check out the changing weekly menu and get your orders in by 12 pm on Friday for the following week. (Or earlier because popular meals sell out!) Healthy Fresh Meals currently only delivers to select locations in the DMV and have recently expanded to Richmond. Meals can be picked up at few locations but the easiest way to go is delivery. Meals arrive at homes on Sunday or offices on Monday. Healthy Fresh Meals sends out a 4-hour window on Saturdays and you can track your order through a link. If you’re in a pinch they offer a limited Next Day┬ámenu which can be delivered Monday – Wednesday to locations within 25 miles of their HQ in Hyattsville, Maryland.

At a Glance

  • No prep meal delivery
  • $11-$15 per meal
  • Delivery to the DMV and Richmond

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