DC Food Truck: Chef on Wheels

Update: Chef on Wheels is still serving the DC Area via food truck. As of 2017, Chef on Wheels opened as a stand alone restaurant in Reston and Ashburn, Virginia. 

You really can’t go wrong with tacos. Tacos are just one of those foods that you can customize to satisfy any palate. We have make-your-own Taco Tuesday at home almost every week. We’ve tried lots of combinations and no matter what you put in a taco, the quality of ingredients can really make a difference. But sometimes we just need a taco when we are out and about and we just can’t wait until Tuesday. The only question is, where can you go for the best tacos?

Local DC food truck, Chef on Wheels, seems to have the art of taco ingredients down to a science. Daycation DC has spotted this DC food truck a few times and they usually have chicken, beef, and veggie as your choices. On some days, they have also featured fish tacos and burrito bowl specials – something we get pretty excited about.

Chef on Wheels has pricing for orders of 1, 2, or 3 tacos –  a unique but convenient feature that allows you to try just a taste or order enough for a full lunch. The tacos come with a lime wedge and a small container of sauce. Don’t let the size of the container fool you – the sauce is hot and spicy!  A small amount packs in plenty of punch to complement all the other flavors on the taco.  It really adds an extra kick!

The truck also lets you pick your toppings, which is great for topping lovers or picker eaters. The toppings seem to vary slightly but usually include tomato, onions, cilantro, guacamole, cheese, and corn.

Chef on Wheels can usually be found on the Northern Virginia side of DC – particularly in the Tysons, Reston, and Arlington areas. You can keep up with the whereabouts of Chef on Wheels on Twitter and Facebook.

At a Glance

  • Dinner
  • 1810 Michael Faraday Drive
    Reston, VA 20190
  • Most dishes range from $6 to $10