5 Transit Apps to Help you Navigate Washington, DC

SmarTrip Metro Payment

DC Metro Transit Metro Navigation

Moovit City Navigation

CityMapper City Navigation

All Trails Green Space


Metro is moving away from plastic cards so download this  app to take metro and the busses all over the city.

DC Metro Transit

The SmarTrip app is great for payment but DC Metro Transit shows when the next trains are coming at any stop. Plus, there's a handy map to help navigate.


Moovit works best for finding bus and metro routes to different locations especially when it isn't a straight shot. Also available in many other cities.


CityMapper is available in fewer cities but will help your find more travel options in DC like bikes, scooters, rideshare, and even the best walk routes.

All Trails

Finding a scenic trail isn't just for more rural areas. All Trails can help you find popular sites and less explored green space throughout the city.

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