The National Arboretum Through the Seasons

With 446 acres and has 9.5 miles of walking paths, The National Arboretum is a perfect nature escape in any season. 


While people flock to the Tidal Basin for Cherry Trees, you can find many varieties of cherry trees at the arboretum. 

Different varieties of trees mean they bloom at different times, making the season longer than at the Tidal Basin. 


In summer, everything is fully green with lots of plants in bloom. Find plants and flowers along every path.  

It is the perfect time to explore all the gardens like the Asian Collections. 


As the temperatures cool off, the arboretum is the perfect place for fall foliage and flowers. 

The foliage and walking paths are perfect for leaf peeping without leaving the city. 


Winter means fewer plants in bloom but you'll find fewer crowds and more space to explore. 

If you are lucky, visit on a snowy day for an extra special perspective of the arboretum. 

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