Metro Tips for Tourists in Washington, DC

Download SmarTrip

Metro is moving away from plastic cards so download this  app to take metro and the busses all over the city.

Add Money at the Station

Rides can cost anywhere between $2-$6 based on time of day and distance. If you are sightseeing, start with $10-$15 and add money as needed.

Avoid Rush Hour

With more people working from home, the busiest times on weekdays can run as late as 9:30 am and as early as 3:30 pm.

Stand to the Right

Locals are serious about escalator etiquette. Make sure you always stand on the right and let people pass on the left.

Reading the Map

The two most important things to note when riding the metro is the color and the end stops. Reference maps in the station and on the train to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Tops Spots

The Monuments  Smithsonian Metro Center The Zoo Woodly Park  U Street/Black Broadway U Street Old Town Alexandria  Old Town Airport  Ronald Regan  National Cemetery  Arlington National Cemetery

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