Overlooked Historic Spots in Washington, DC 

Most people stick to the National Mall when visiting Washington, DC. 

But here are 4 historic sites in the city that most people overlook. 

Capitol Stones 


Rock Creek Park 

You may recognize the Capitol Columns that were relocated to the National Arboretum in 1987 after a the 1958 Capitol renovation. But where is the rest of the façade? 

Pieces from the Capitol are pilled up a half mile from the nature center at Rock Creek Park and can be easily reached from the path. Fencing might be up but it is a fascinating site. 

Franciscan Monastary 



The Franciscan Monastery raises awareness and funds for the ministry in the Holy Land, hosts Mass, and welcomes visitors to their gardens and replicas of Holy Land shrines.

The public is invited to enjoy the gardens and church daily with formal tours that explore the catacombs on Sundays. 

Library of COngress 


Capitol Hill 

The Library of Congress was built in 1800 as a resource for Congress. The Reading Room in the Jefferson Building is one of the most recognizable spots. 

But don't miss taking a tour of the beautiful architecture and rotating exhibits celebrating important American figures. 

Hillwood Estate 


Van Ness 

Marjorie Merriweather Post was prominent figure in fashion, business, and philanthropy in the 1920s. After she died, she left her DC home open for the public to enjoy. 

Tour the many gardens of Post's home like the Japanese Garden, fountains, and dog cemetary which are beautiful in any season. 


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