Washington, DC

Chicken Sandwiches for Every Budget

Roaming Rooster

With multiple locations in the DMV, grab a chicken sandwich and fries for a picnic nearby. Choose your toppings and spicy level.  Get a full meal for under $15. 


Astro Doughnuts 

Astro Doughnuts has 3 locations across DC and Virginia with chicken sandwiches served in a variety of doughnuts. Get your sweet and savory fix for $11 to $13. 


Service Bar 

This low-key bar with outdoor seating in Shaw offers a variety of chicken sandwiches. Pair with memorable sides and creative cocktails. Sandwiches range from $11 to $13. 


Chicken and Whiskey

This not so secret speakeasy on 14th Street offers crispy sandwiches on jalapeno cheesy bread. Plus, enjoy the whiskey bar in the back or grab drinks to go. The pollo frito is $13.50.  


Capital Burger

With two locations in Reston (VA) and Mt. Vernon (DC), this spot offers over the top chicken sandwiches for $15. Pair with a variety of sides and cocktails.


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