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A Day on Lake Louise in Banff

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Lake Louise 

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Get There Early

The parking lot at The Fairmont fills up early (before 7:30) especially on busy weekends. Plan to arrive early or take the shuttle from the town of Banff. 

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Crowds are large at Lake Louise all day but take some time to walk a little bit around the lake to find empty space for that perfect shot. 

Grab Your Selfies

Mirror Lake 

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Mirror Lake is worth a stop to enjoy the quiet and crystal clear waters. Plus, take a few photos with The Beehive. 

Stop at Mirror Lake 

Lake Agnes

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Lake Agnes Tea House

A short hike from Lake Louise is Lake Agnes and the famous tea house. Lines can get very long but there's plenty of space to sit, enjoy the views, and eat a snack. 

The Beehive 

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Conquer the Switchbacks

A walk around Agnes Lake will lead you to steep switchbacks. Take your time for some of the most beautiful views. 

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The switchbacks lead to the top of the Beehive and offers stunning views of the bright blue Lake Louise and The Fairmont. 

Top of the Beehive 

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Endless Views

The top of the Beehive is huge with multiple lookout points. It's a perfect mid-day stopping point for lunch or just enjoy the views. This hike from Lake Louise takes about 4-6 hours. 

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