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6 Places to Play Hooky From Work 

Daycation DC 

THings to Do

Take a Day Off 

Taking a day off to enjoy the city? Here are a few of my favorite spots to visit with fewer crowds during the week. 

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African American History Museum 

Explore the most popular Smithsonian museums on a less crowded day. Also consider The Museum of Natural History and The National Museum of American History.  

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National Zoo 

The zoo is often less crowded in cooler weather and during the week. Check to see what food stalls and buildings are open (especially in winter) but most animals are visible year round. 

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The National Cathedral is full of beautiful art and architecture. Wander the halls with fewer crowds or enjoy a daytime tour.  

The National Cathedral 

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Navy Yard, The Wharf, and Georgetown can get busy on weekends but a weekday lunch can be a great way to avoid the crowds. Plus, enjoy a stroll or scooter ride along the water. 

Enjoy a Quiet Waterfront Meal 

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Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has timed ticketed tours. Grab a weekday time during the day to see all that beautiful architecture with less people around. 

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Rent a Kayak 

In the warm months, the river waters are often less crowded during the day. Rent a boat or kayak from places like Key Bridge Boathouse or Thompson Boat Center.

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