Vegan Burger Debuts at LEON

I am by no means a vegetarian but I’m always looking for ways to eat a little less meat, reduce my carbon footprint, and generally show some love to our home planet. So when LEON, a UK based Naturally Fast Food chain invited me to try their new plant-based burger, I knew I had to try it.

LEON affectionately calls this creation the LOVe Burger. The mix of upper and lower case letters is a mash up nod to their name (LO) and the vegan burger (Ve). You heard right – this burger is vegan and one of the first of many vegan menu items to be added in 2019. The burger is made with a soy-beetroot patty and topped with Carolina mustard mayo, LEON’s burger sauce, tomatoes, pickles, and a slice of Gouda style cheese. And everything – even the cheese – is vegan!

Love Burger in front of sign at LEON

So how does it taste?

Fabulous! It does taste lighter than a traditional meat burger but holds all the the smoky, backyard barbecue flavors you would except. It left me feeling full but not as full as a meat burger. However, I appreciate not feeling over stuffed after lunch especially when I have to go back to work after and stay awake.

You’re probably wondering how this compares to the Impossible burger. I have not yet tried it so I can’t compare. However, our friends at LEON commented that the LOVe burger tastes completely different from other meatless burgers. So whether you’re a fan of other meatless burgers or not, this is definitely worth a try!

Also, while you are there, don’t miss some of their sweet treats. Choose from several vegan options including the chocolate spiced donut, chocolate chip cookie, and carrot cupcake (pictured below).

Carrot cake cupcake with icing

LEON is located on L Street in downtown DC just a 2 block hop from the Farragut North metro stop. The business dense area makes this the perfect lunch or breakfast spot and you can get almost any of their meals for under $10. Plus, they have a can’t-be-beat breakfast deal: any English muffin or breakfast pot with a 12 oz drip coffee for $5.50. There are even options with avocado or smoked salmon.

They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily but closed on Sunday. The L Street location is the first in the United States but they are expanding! Be on the look out for a second location in Mt Vernon Square late Spring 2019!

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