Dessert in Georgetown – Just Add Sprinkles

Dessert in Georgetown - Just Add Sprinkles

Ah, cupcakes in Washington DC. There are so many to choose from and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Gourmet cupcakes in the city can be expensive but sometimes you just need an extra special treat. Last weekend, we went to Sprinkles in Georgetown because we have heard great things wanted to give them a try.

Sprinkles did not disappoint! We particularly like that these cupcakes do not overwhelm you with a ton of frosting. It is just enough to add a perfect extra punch to the cupcake without making it too sweet.  Here’s a few cupcakes we tried:

Caramel Apple: This seasonal cupcake is only around in October. It is a spiced apple cake with little chunks of apple right in the cupcake. It is topped with a light caramel frosting – a perfect pair with the apple cake for a great fall cupcake. Although we always appreciate the popular pumpkin flavored everything, we think the apple cupcake was a great way to shake up the fall flavors.

Black and White: Black and white cupcakes are perfect when you can’t decide if you want chocolate or vanilla. This cupcake has a melt in your mouth chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting. Cute black sprinkles sit on top to tie it all together.

Dark Chocolate: The dark chocolate cupcake has a chocolate cake similar to the black and white cupcake but with chocolate frosting on top. We love these chocolate cupcakes! They were rich and moist – perfect for a cold fall day.

Vanilla: For those that are not a fan of chocolate but love pure vanilla, this cupcake is for you! The cupcake, frosting, and sprinkles are all a sweet vanilla perfection. Don’t think this cupcake is plain by any means!

We visited Sprinkles on a Sunday evening and brought them home to enjoy. They had plenty of cupcakes to choose from but if you want the full selection, we suggest you go in the morning. These cupcakes are popular and some of the flavors sell out.

Sprinkles also has a wide variety of seasonal cupcakes which you can check out on the website. You can also follow them on Twitter @sprinkles for all the flavor updates. We will be back for some of the winter holiday cupcakes like chocolate peppermint and eggnog spice!

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