H Street Brunch at the Liberty Tree

Update: The Liberty Tree has closed. 

There are more than a few hidden gems on H Street but since I live on the opposite side of the city, I can rarely find the motivation to trek over there. It’s possible they only feel like hidden gems because they are hidden to me but that’s no excuse for not exploring. However, when my sister in law in Virginia was willing to visit the city for brunch on an unusually warm day in February, we decided it was worth the trip.  We agreed on The Liberty Tree because of the outdoor patio, delicious sounding pizzas, and New England inspired dishes. It would be our first patio brunch of the season!

On Saturday, we headed to NOMA, walked about 15 minutes to H Street, and finally took the free H Street trolley to the restaurant.  The commute was well worth it when we arrived at the small but charming neighborhood spot.  One of the waitresses invited us to seat ourselves which gave the restaurant a friendly and cozy feel.  We found a sunny spot outside on the patio and were ready to eat! 

We began with drinks – bottomless for $15 a person. This is pretty standard in the city but you are allowed to switch back and forth between Bloody Marys and mimosas. The Bloody Marys arrived with a simple lime wedge but they packed an above-average spicy kick which I appreciated. 

The brunch menu offers a wide selection of breakfast classics and several pizza options. With six different pizzas, we needed to try at least a couple.  After much debate, we chose the Rotary and the Breakfast.  The Rotary is an excellent meat lover’s pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and not too much tomato sauce.  However, my favorite was the Breakfast. It is covered with potatoes, bacon, egg, and mozzarella but the white sauce keeps it from feeling too heavy.

I tried really hard not to order the Eggs Benedict because this is my go-to brunch meal and I wanted to be a little more adventurous. However, I could not resist the lobster on this one. It’s a New England inspired restaurant, after all.  You have to try something with lobster, right? Well let me tell you, it was quite possibly some of the best lobster I’ve had in DC. It was very tender plus the egg was perfectly runny and had just the right amount of Hollandaise. 

Overall, The Liberty Tree is the perfect neighborhood spot for spicy Bloody Marys, pizza, and anything with lobster.  They are open for brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. They are also open for dinner from 5 pm to 10 pm Monday through Friday. 

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