When is Winter Restaurant Week 2019? 

Bethesda Restaurant Week: January 11 to January 20.  Most deals are 2 course lunch for $22 and 3 course dinner for $36.

Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week
: January 14 to January 20. $22 brunch and lunch and $35 dinner. 

Alexandria Restaurant Week: January 18 to January 27. $35 three-course dinner for one or a $35 dinner for two. Lunch options vary by restaurant.

Avocado Toast at Lia's
Avocado Toast at Lia’s in Friendship Heights

How do you get the most out of Restaurant Week?

Find a full menu offer: Some restaurants will offer a limited menu as part of their restaurant week deal.  Look for a spot that offers either the full menu or a large portion of the regular menu. 

Be mindful of drinks: Most deals do not include drinks – both alcohol and non-alcoholic. Some restaurants may offer wine specials or brunch cocktail specials but keep in mind this will be an additional cost. 

Make a reservation early: Try to make your Restaurant Week reservation at least a week in advance.  If it’s typically a popular spot, reservations will go fast! 

Explore a new spot off the beaten path: This won’t necessarily save you money but I personally like to use Restaurant Week and an excuse to explore a new neighborhood.  For me, this means exploring an area that is not metro accessible or  choosing a place that is normally a bit outside my

Go for lunch: The lunch option for restaurant week is less expensive but most places still offer a wide selection of their regular menu.  A few years ago, my husband and I visited GrillFish for lunch.  We were so full and happy by the end, we just needed a little snack for dinner. Stuck in a 9 to 5 during the week? Round up your co-workers for a special lunch date and check out a spot near your office.  price range. It’s a good excuse to get a little outside my comfort zone. 

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