Crepe Love Truck – DC Food Truck Serves Up Sweet and Savory Crepes

Crepe Love Truck DC 3Crepes are the best. There are no rules – you can fill them with as many ingredients as you like.  Fill them up with fruit for a healthy snack, add some chocolate for a dessert, or fill them with meat and veggies for an easy dinner.  The most exciting (or scary) part of a crepe is cooking the shell so that it has that perfectly thin but fluffy texture.  Too thin and it will fall apart. Too thick and it’s practically a pancake.

Because of this, we often leave crepe creation to the pros. One of our favorite places to grab a crepe is the Crepe Love Truck. The Crepe Love Truck allows customers to peek inside the truck and watch the delicate crepe making process in action. While many trucks have their cooking station set up toward the back of the truck, the Crepe Love Truck cooking station is set up right under the window where they take your order.  This allowed us to watch the cooks pour the batter on the hot plate, listen to the sizzle, and watch all the filling get stuffed inside.

Crepe Love Truck DC
The Monsieur

Our friends at Crepe Love Truck offer two types of crepes – sweet and savory. The menu seems endless – there are over a dozen different sweet and savory crepes to choose from (and even more at their store front in Vienna). We ordered the Monsieur (savory) and Carnivale (sweet). The Monsieur was loaded with smoked ham, cheddar cheese,  and mushrooms. The Carnivale was filled with Nutella, strawberries, and bananas. This is a pretty classic way to dress up a crepe but Crepe Love dressed our sweet crepe up with some extra chocolate and strawberry syrup on top.

Crepe Love Truck DC 2
The Carnivale

Other options off the savory menu include crepes stuffed with ham, turkey, chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, baby spinach, and smoked salmon just to name a few. There are also breakfast crepes filled with eggs and a veggie option called Farmer Joe. The sweet menu includes different variations of fruits, Nutella, powered sugar, nuts, and honey. 

The Crepe Love Truck frequently stops in Tysons, Reston, and Arlington. If you can’t catch them on the road, you can also visit their store front, Crepe Amour, in Vienna, VA.Crepe Love Truck DC 4 You can also check out the full menu on their website.

Good For:
Crepe lovers, foodies, lunch, breakfast

Under $10

Find the Crepe Love Truck:

Twitter:  @CrepeLoveTruck
Food Truck Tracker: Food Truck Fiesta
Washingtonian: Best Bites Blog

Store Front:

407 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, VA 22180



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